#UnapologisingApologetics 🐘
PC-ism and compromise have no home in the walls of this web space. Wassup Presup? has no qualms about the Reformed / Calvinistic bent behind our philosophy, theology and methodology, as the OG reformed view is the only consistent biblical worldview.

#VanTilPresuppositional 🐘
Our apologetics are modeled after the real Cornelius Van Til, not some sub brand. We don’t feel the need to redefine, take away or add to his God-given genius.

#BiblicalEvangelism 🐘
All evangelism is relational but relationships themselves are not evangelism/istic. While

methodology can differ, if you are not communicating the gospel with words, you are not evangelising biblically.

#LetsDiscuss 🐘
We are here to have a dialogue rather than a monologue as much as possible. Whether you agree with us or not we are always up for civil, intelligent discussion. If your intention is just to snipe / be a keyboard jihadi / sjw you are a coward, and we will assume you had nothing worth discussing in the first place.

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