Press on Good Soldier

Hit the streets on Saturday and it felt like old times again on Friday nights. I was spiritually energized to fight for the first time in this period of stepping away to settle into life as a mother. I’ve been squeezing in moments to share the gospel here and there, but being on the streets and throwing off all other worldly distractions for a few hours with one intention to shine God’s truth into the darkness of deceit—there’s nothing like it.

Hearing Steve preach in the background with my daughter being crazy and adorable in the stroller made it super easy for me to get in conversations. When I was done, I strolled by the street artist guy who has heard our preaching and pleading for a few years, and he appeared to be listening despite the scowl on his face. But nevertheless, it was the look of someone being convicted by the Spirit and Word. Whether his heart was being softened or hardened only God knows, but your words my King were not being wasted on this man or any other ears that you directed them to fall upon.

As a valiant soldier enlisted in an invisible army against an invisible enemy, you know that your commander has the upper hand.

Being out on those streets again reminded me of that warfare mentality that comes with sharing the gospel. You see and sense the spiritual war come alive before your eyes, and as a soldier in God’s army, march into battle with banners and hearts held high. The worldly comforts you’ve grown used to feel distant and lose their lustre as you zero in on the battle for truth that sets souls free.

As a valiant soldier enlisted in an invisible army against an invisible enemy, you know that your commander has the upper hand. So you press on in the battle despite all the obstacles; confident that at the end, you will bow before your king in awe, amazed and bewildered that he chose you for his army and adopted you into his family. This king that has already bestowed so much favor and valor on you, after giving you the strength and courage to fight, will then crown you on that last day. And together with all your fellow saints and soldiers, you will continue to glorify and serve him forever in the splendor of his majesty. It’s easy to exhaust your life for that. 🐘

*Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

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