Alright peeps, I’m going to try and bang this one out super fast as I have 15 mins until baby Shiloh wakes up. Ahhhh! I’m up for the challenge though.

So in the midst of all this coronavirus/COVID-19/Chinese virus (not racist to call it that), a conundrum on the forefront of some Christians’ minds is: now is the perfect time to be sharing the gospel because people are panicked and thinking about their mortality, but how the heck do we evangelize? We’re used to hitting the streets/abortion mill/any crowded area and whipping out gospel tracts, getting in great conversations, being amused by the hecklers heckling the street preacher, and/or faithfully sharing in the workplace. Soooooo now that everyone’s inside for an indefinite period of time, what do we do now?!

Why take advantage of the situation of course! Think about it. A good chunk of the world are stuck inside (some by force), unable to socialize. So what’s everyone gonna do for their social outlet? Hop online! Here’s where we Christians come in. You always literally have the world at your fingertips via Internet/social media, etc, but right now you have the world’s attention at your fingertips. Literally, the online world is your oyster. So put your thinking caps on and be creative about how you can reach peeps on this interface. The possibilities are endless! I will share some of my ideas below, but please share any ideas you have in the comments section as I would love to hear them 🙂

My ideas so far (which some people were already doing before C-19 hit):

🦠 Look up your local atheist group, find their social media page and ruffle some feathers with the gospel. People ain’t got nothing but time on their hands, so they will most likely engage with you. For instance, here in Greenville, there is a Facebook page for a group called Upstate Atheists that I could start fishing around in. If they have a FB page, they probably have Twitter, so that could actually be the better platform to engage on. You can do this with any non-Christian local group. Think abortion, JW’s, Mormons etc.

🦠 Contact that friend/family member you’ve been meaning to share the gospel with but have kept putting it off, because you know it will be hard and awkward, and you’d rather forget about it. Well ya can’t use lack of time as an excuse anymore…

🦠 Find an unbeliever in your life willing to have a conversation with you about the gospel, record it (with their permission), and post it on YouTube. While most of us love to see James White, Jeff Durbin and Ray Comfort, etc sharing the gospel, it would be awesome to see us average Joe’s having gospel conversations with other average Joe’s! Speaking of Comfort, Living Waters recently dropped a gospel video to share that’s themed around C-19 called Pandemic. They must’ve made it in less than a week because they’re machines. So spread it around:

🦠 We all still gotta go to the grocery store. Bring a tract or two to hand out, but just warn the receiver to somehow sanitize it before they read it. Though I have heard it’s the hard surfaces that this virus mainly sticks to. Also, get in a short convo if you can, but make sure there’s a good distance so you’re not flinging spit at each other.

🦠 If you’re new to evangelism or want to brush up on skills, then READ, READ, READ! Did I mention READ? Better yet, get in touch with other peeps who want to learn and start an online book study—germ free!

I think that’s a good enough list to get started. If you have additional ideas, please share in the comments! Thx guys!

BTW: I wrote this post in 20 mins, just in time to attend to the sleeping monster that is slowly waking up, rubbing her eyes and focusing on the next object within reach to eat/rip/destroy 😉 🐘

*Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij from Pexels

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