We all love singing the line in Amazing Grace that says “When we’ve been there (heaven) 10,000 years…”, but for those God has sent to hell, even after 10,000 years they will have nothing but more torment to look forward to. If you need motivation to care about people enough to tell them the gospel, this is a good start  🐘 — Wassup Presup?

Do you believe that your sins are forgiven, and that Christ has made a full atonement for them? — Spurgeon

Seems like an obvious question, but striking to think, “Do I really believe ALL my sins are forgiven (past, present, future) at this very moment, and that Jesus’ death and resurrection have paid for every single one of them in FULL? Such a striking contrast between the true God of the Bible and the god of every other religion—even Catholicism doesn’t grant that Christ’s work on the cross was enough.

Whether it’s man alone or man + (their version of) Jesus, every other religion ultimately says man has to atone for his own sin, and earn the nod of approval from said god, to maybe be rewarded with a spot in some sort of paradise. Basically, there’s no assurance, and most don’t even have a frame of reference for all the goodies packed into a passage like Romans 5.

I probably ask the assurance question more often to Muslims, but if you’re looking for a great way to start a gospel convo, ask the individual if they have full assurance of their god’s approval for them and their place in eternity. If you get a burning in the bosom “feelings” type response (Mormon particularly), ask them where their hope comes from when the feeling goes away.

Deep-seated assurance of the true God’s love and right standing with him (unearned and undeserved with the Holy Spirit as guarantor—Eph 1, 2 Cor 1) is a simple, yet powerful, distinction between his truth and the lies man will believe. 🐘

Wassup Presup?

#Sup All,

Welcome to my world of truth which you can’t escape (moo haha)! This whole gig is created / edited / run by “yours truly” ie me 🙂 Yep I’m a strange one, but it’s my site, and fortunately you will get the unrestrained force of my weird 😛 My name is Laura, and I’m just an average-Joe Christian that loves the Lord and loves proclaiming his gospel with WORDS anywhere and anytime that I can. I’m a writer by trade and generally introvert, but I still get out there and the Lord uses my weakness to display his strength 🐘 (Pssst: If I haven’t scared you off yet read more about it here)

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